·       Life’s an adventure- Living abroad can be great fun and it broadensyour perspectiveon life – there are new friends to make, new experiences to have, plusyou’ll always have lots of stories to tell to the folks back home.
·       You can learn another language- and immersingyourself in a place where they speak another tongue is the only good way to become fluent. Even if you are not studying that particular language on your study course, it may well come in useful later when you are seekingemploymentor in your personal life.
·       You can explore another culture- They say that travel broadens the mind and finding out about other cultures can be fascinating.
·       You may have better study opportunities abroad than you do at home- You may be able to do a course that you couldn’t do in your home country, or be able to study at a college or university that specializes in your chosenarea of study.
·       Work- Mentioning that you have studied abroad can look very good to potential employers when it comes to applying for jobs. The fact that you have lived and studied abroad shows that you possess valuableworkplace qualities such as independence initiativeand resilience. It also shows that you are not afraid of a challengeand that you can be adaptable if the circumstances demandit.