1.     You don’t have to be the best- don’t try to be the best. Be the first. Be the first to change, be the first to take the challenge, be the first one to overcomethe difficulties, because to be the best person- there’s one only Olympic champion. I don’t think I’m lucky enough to be that. But I can always try the new things, and don’t give up, believe it because you are so unique. Everybody is unique. Being yourself is always the key. 


2.     The world is full of opportunity- This world, today, is full of challenges and opportunities. Two thousand years ago, full of challenges and opportunities. And I’m sure 2000 years later, full of challenges and opportunities. There’s always it depends on how you look at it. Somebody looks at this challenge as an opportunity. Young people say there are no opportunities. I complained a lot when I was young because I thought Bill Gates took at the opportunities for Microsoft, Steve Jobs, all these guys, there’s no job there’s no great, big stuff left for us. But I think opportunity always lies in the challenges, always lies in the complaints. If you can solve the challenge, you will be successful. The bigger the challenge you solve, the bigger the opportunity you have. 


3.     Want to be happy? Be healthy- I think life’s a journey. You come to this world to enjoy life, to be happier and healthier. The day when you leave the world you say I’m happy with my life, I’m healthy this life, because if you’re not healthy, you’ll never be happy. 


4.     Learn from the other people’s mistakes don’t learn from the successful stories. No matter how smart you are you will encounter these mistakes. 


5.     Focus on quality not size

6.      Prepare for the future

7.     Respect your competitors

8.     See challenge as opportunities

9.     Believe

10.     Surround yourself greatness